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Worst Case In Stereo  (2003)

Recorded at Austin Enterprise (Clinton, MA).

Recorded and mixed by Steve Austin.

1. Winter of my Discontent / MaryJane

This is your first lesson in stress relief

Breathe. . .Everyday I'm feeling like this

Everyday I am high

Settle down and have a smoke, son

Tell me what's on your mind

This is getting to be so frustrating

Getting high is helping my life

I am not a criminal

Exhale. . .Now don't you feel a lot better?

Do you feel cleansed inside?

I can tell you're stoned, son

It's time to restart your mind

This is getting to be so irritating

They want to arrest me cause I get high

I am not a criminal

Not guilty

2. El Chupacabra

Skin of gray, eyes of darkness

In the shadows, bloody victims die

Satan Nocturnal Blasphemous Nosferatu

Demon spawn so intriguing

In the dead night you won't see it

try to find the demon's red eyes

He is from the 7th gate of

Hell Hell Hell Hell

With the fight in the night, twisted pain

Cover eyes cause you think you're still alive

Run Run Run Run

Blood Blood

Comes out at night, avoiding the light

to hunt and feed on victims

Lusting for blood, craving the flesh and internal organs


With the fight in the night, twisted pain

Cover eyes cause you think you're still alive

El Chupacabra

3. Frozen In Life, Preserved In Hell

I'm writing a suicide note

and you can't pull me out of this,my depression is too dark

And you can't pull me out of this,my depression is too smart

God can't pull me out of this,my depression is too obvious

I can't pull me out of this,my depression is too pissed

But I can tell you all of this

I don't care if I will be missed

Writing this suicide note

Inside my head I am better off dead

Something's possessing--depressing meI

don't know what it is

It constantly destroys and toys with me

This life is getting me pissed

Dead dead dead dead

dead dead dead dead

I'm fighting this suicide note

I knew it all

All along that I was gone

Do you think this is easy?

Do you think life is easy?

Now I am frozen in life, preserved in Hel

lI'll stay all night

4. Fantasy Death Fetish

Why is it that I wear this straight jacket

and the reasons for what

A slave for your gain, scapegoat for the pain

It's selfish--it's sickness--it's fetish

Open your mouth, two barrels down your throat

bullets your last meal

I hate life, I hate you

Reprimanded--for your stupidity

Embarrassment--for your blindness

How do you like the taste of this life?

I'll end your life

You've reached the end, now here's your prize

A gunshot--my vengeance

A gunshot--my hate

Your demise will be. . .by my hands

Strap you to a chair

Beat you brainlessly

Cut you up than leave

Now you bleed for me

Your demise will be. . .by my hands

Fatal shots are launched

Evil found its place

behind the blue eyes

of this very face

You will bleed for me

What is it? I can't hear what you say

Can't hear what you say

What is it? I can't hear what you say

the gun's in the way

And there is laughing

You don't even exist

5. Greed

Deny everything, nothing is real,

Rely on no one, opportunity steals

Tighten your collar and loosen your belt

As the rich get richer, the poor go to hell

Close your eyes, drown in the flood

Cover your lies, drenched in blood

Scratch at my skin, tear out my brain,

Scream to the heavens, call me insane

Black from disease, sick of screams

Scared of words and TV scenes

Deception, lust, children raped,

Sick of life, no escape


Nothing to lose, money to gain,

Smell of sex, endless pain

Deception, Betrayal, Lies

Cracked out whores killing friends

No remorse, walking dead

Under the skies, above my sheets

Visions of saviors and rotting meat

Hardcore dreams and twisted thoughts,

Happiness cannot be bought.

6. Inverted Insertion

Life is like a pressure riot and my head is caving in

You wanna see me stoned, you wanna cough a little?

You wanna trench pill zones, you're gonna puke a little

You wanna hold my hand, you better be a giver

You know in this game I am a helpless lifer

You wanna know my strength, you're gonna feel some weakness

You wanna invert this, you're gonna get some sickness

You wanna get inside, you wanna make it clearer

You wanna see denial, look in the lying mirror

Is this the way you like it? Is this your honesty?

Invert the perfect kill dust, Insert it into me

There is no god that walks beside me

Controversy, Anarchy has taken over me, deep inside me

You're gonna get real stoned, You're gonna get uplifted

You have to give me your soul, You're gonna get enlisted

You're gonna feel agony until I am finished

You're gonna lose everything, but you'll never miss it

Darkness calms my soul

Depression wraps around my face

Shovel the pain that won't escape

Look at me now, I'm paranoid

Searching to find to fill the void of

this horrible life, and I'm a mess

Will the numb phase ever change?

The fears have started to mate in me

Leaving me blind and shaken up

And now I barely feel alive

Look in my eyes, I want to die

So sick and tired of "I'll try"

Watching me live my selfish life

7. Porn II Kill

It's right before my eyes, filth and hate not disguised

A virgin's sacrificed bleeding eyes, homicide

It's a snuff porno film, watching sex as they kill

It's an uneasy sight, antichrist, rape at will

Shocking to believe and it's on the screen

all this raging and torment, nothing to me

This is disgustingly entertaining to me

all this screaming and torture, nothing to me

It's right before my eyes, rape and death not disguised

It's a snuff porno film, watching sex as they kill


I am dishonored, disheveled of what I see

I'm watching. . .

I am dishonored, disheveled at what I see

I'm watching pain

I am dishonored, disheveled at what I see

now fuck it

It's right in front of me and it's on the screen

I can't believe I saw the soul rise right from the body

and this tortured soul

Hell has took its toll

as I take control of my cock

I'm jerking off to all the blood on her face

you just can not tell if it's real or fake

I guess that's why I watch the rape scenes

over and over again

getting off

mouth taped shut, raped her raw

blood on cock, knife in twat, turn this off

8. Don't Leave Your Pets Outside

Murder--there's blood on the windows

Torture--there's blood on the flowers

Pervert--his head's now his football

Gutted--guts exposed for all

The asshole is a virgin, his guts will rain in blood,

One more pet homicide, take all your pets inside

The asshole is a virgin, he's now an amputee,

Intestines used for a noose, the killer's on the loose

Murder--there's blood on the windows

Gutted--guts exposed for all

Everything: everything is covered in your pet's blood

Can't fight the urge:the urge to kill

Smiling is projectile--this belongs to no one loose in the world

Feeding off of other's confusion,

Sober and broke fearing the institution

Mental pain--Prominent are the scars of yesterday

Mental pain--Prominent are the scars from all the years

Don't leave your pets outside

The meaning of life--the meaning of what?

Just remember that the way he thinks is not like you

9. The World Is Empty

It starts like this when I wake up
Everybody's gone, smiles turn to dust

Nausea sickness blindly shaking,

projectile vomiting, quivering

to me, everybody sees when they look at me

never what's inside of me,

no one pities me

no one's helping me, It's always only me

animosity overcoming me, It's so depressing

scarring me, Novocain to me, fucking killing me

solitudeI am deciding, ignore me blindly

It's satisfying to know I'm dying

Vulgarly jaded, existence faded, life is naked


searching me, it's in back of me

now in front of me, it's overwhelming

satisfied so sadistically, It's destroying me

You know what I mean, insulting me

nervous wrecking me, redefining me

it's right in front of, in front of me

and inside of me, it has taken me down

you are not the only one who sees life through screwed up eyes

I sever the health, sever the nerve

Sever the stem at the root

I sever my wrist, sever my life

Sever myself at the the root

Life is ending, I'm not sorry for the mistakes I have madeI

am real from disasters in my mind

Subconscious unknown cost

10. Entry Wound Ecstasy For The Self-Abuser

Rage Rage Rage Rape

Insane aggression, mutilate obsession

trying to forget her younger years

Insane logic, hidden in the closet

Burning, learning her weakest fears

Darkness is priceless, pain gives her pleasure

Cutting herself, does not shed a tear

Burning the flesh black, vomit through a flashback

Her mom's been gone for 13 years

Raping her--she's feeling him--He's forcing in

She tends to mutilate herself because her life's gone wrong

It feels like ecstasy, that razor bladeis her godS

he thinks her life is over, but she can'thear the call

Of another self-abuser that has been pushed way too far

Hate Hate Hate Rage

Backward regression, mutilate confession

trying to forget my younger years

Insane logic, hidden in my closet

Burning, learning my weakness and fears

Darkness is priceless, pain gives me pleasure

Cutting myself, I do not shed a tear

Burning the flesh black, vomit through a flashbac

kMy mind's been gone for 13 years

Destroying me--deep inside of me--I'm wearing thin

If you try to come inside, you might lose your mind

This has been inside me, for a very long time

It's just now being told, life is cold like this razor I hold

And I am so thankful to have lost all self-controlI

woke up today it was fucking disgusting

upon opening my eyes to the light of day

nauseated by the world's pathetic state

the feeling of the hand that has you by the spine

is tightening its grip and destroying

the very emotion of this lackadaisical lifestyle

that finds itself repeating over and over

the life it is not meant to have

the smell of vomit still lingers in the nostrils,

society is decaying and descending

into one big useless rut,

and with smoke-burned smiles

I face toward the sky

this life is fucking disgusting


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