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The history of K.K.C.

Kitchen Knife Conspiracy started in 1998, formed by guitarist Jeremy Cibella, bassist Johnny Kihm, drummer Fred Whitacre, Jr., and vocalist John Prosenjak.  From 1998-2005, KKC stomped around the Northeast, carving a path of bruality through the course of counless shows.  Kitchen Knife has played with several national acts, including Crowbar, Soilent Green, Mushroomhead, King Diamond, Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Tub Ring, Six Feet Under, Ringworm, Internal Bleeding, Full Blown Chaos, Agents of Oblivion--and many, many more.  During this period, three full-length albums and one EP were released: Witchboard (1999), Sin-Pathetic (2000), Handicapitated (2001) and Worst Case in Stereo (2003).  KKC also released a live DVD, titled Urine for a Treat (2003).  The band also appeared on several music samplers throughout the Northeast, and acted and provided selections for the horror film, Dead Life.


In late 2005, K.K.C was joined by Kevin Lewis, guitar player from Cleveland, OH.  They then began working on their next full-length, A Friend in Need...Is a Friend to Kill (2006).  For the next three years, KKC would perform at several more locales, including being featured mutiple years on the beastly music fest in Youngstown, Ohio--Vexfest.


In 2009, vocalist John Prosenjak decided to depart from the band.  Vocalist Ian Pethtel, known for work in several Youngstown metal outfits (including IO) was brought in to fill John's shoes.  KKC has been playing shows and preparing for their next full length disc.


This disc, Seven Deadly Sins, is being tracked currently at Mindrocket Studio in PA.  The disc will feature 18 tracks, and will be the first to feature Ian on vocals.  More coming soon...keep stompin'.


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